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I now have a Blog!!  What do I do now??? My head is like a can of rocks. Shake it and it rattles so I know there’s something in there. When I start letting the rocks fall out, I never know what they are.

I guess the purpose of this Blog is to start letting the rocks out of the can, 1 at a time.   If I pursue the Blog and not get too distracted by the many demons that cares not to be disclosed, then it should be interesting.

I’m not a writer, I’m not of the intellectual sect, and lastly, I’m not a typist. I am here to attempt to communicate my thoughts while I have the mental faculties to have thoughts.  As I understand communicating, it is the process of me presenting a thought or idea and you understanding that same thought or idea. So, if my grammar is a bit rough, my spelling a little off, or if my sentence structure fails the proper tests, as long as you understand, then we have communicated. And, communicating is my goal.

I hope to inject a bit of humor into whatever I do write. In fact, all I have written so far is of great humor, since I write it — as though I expect someone to even read it 🙂

I feel like the dog that finally caught a car. What do I do now!!! I will start as soon as I figure it all out 🙂

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This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.