The Dream

I stood among a vast surrounding not knowing where I was. The air felt chilled, yet warmed. Before me was a bright fog with trailing ends whirling like being blown by a […]

Farewell To A Friend

If you read the excerpt from “A Trucker’s Eulogy” then you are familiar with the term “Outlaw Trucker”. In my younger days, I was an Outlaw Trucker. “Farewell To A Friend” was my way of saying goodbye to the life as an Outlaw Trucker. After quitting I would sit at night and listen to the trucks as they rolled down the highway. Although I have no regrets, I truly miss the friends I made and the many places I traveled.

A Trucker’s Eulogy

This piece of work is a bit “dated” so I felt it needed an introduction. Before I start let me say I’m not judging nor am I advocating drug use!! — The commercial trucking industry in the United States saw a small group of drivers emerge in the early 60’s into the latter part of the 80’s. This group were, in time, referred to as “Outlaw Truckers”. They were Owner Operators that would haul anything, anywhere, anytime. Not to be confused with a similar motto of the Vietnam area by another group — but I digress — These Outlaw Trucker’s pay structure was based on weight — The more weight they hauled, the more money they made. During this same period of time it was discovered the “Diet” pills doctors would prescribe to women would give a person added energy, stamina and it prevented the user from getting sleepy. There’s many songs that even makes reference to “the little white pill and west coast turn arounds. That’s what this poet is about — Hope you enjoy 🙂