My Mind

dscn2324I gaze into my hollowed eyes and look into the soul. The soul, like the mind, once so rich and bold.

I am witnessing the complete destruction of the heart, mind and soul. The intricate demolition of the many molecules, which forms a functional being. The failure of the complex thought process that allows rational thinking and normal day to day activity.

I am, through the eyes of one, seeing the magnificent collapse of the single most important trait that separates a man from an animal.

It is now shrouded in a concave mist of grey fog. A darkness of demons. A universe of unexplained confusion, where the mind no longer attempts to rationalize.

A place where one can stand afar and witnesses one’s self. A world of parallel extremes.  A division of one’s mind and body.  A path of complex and mesmerizing unison of unknown reality. Where one can be and not be, each identical to the other. An existence of two entities, one wrapped in a vale of authenticity, the other in a black void of insensitive, uncaring and cold consciousness. A domain where one’s action is justified by one’s aspiration.

It is beautiful in its conception. A journey not traveled, but for a few. A sight so elaborate one has to be insane to appreciate the full scope of the devastation of a heart, mind and soul.


This is but 1 rock from the can 🙂 —- The journey begins !!!!!

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