365 days ago (364 and hours, but who’s counting) I sat here pondering what the new years has in store. Will it be a good year, or bad? Will I live another year? Will I meet my personal goals? Will I fall in love? out of love? Will the world be a safer place? or more violet?

As I sat, coffee in hand, mentally exploring the vast unknowns of the coming year of 2016 I made notes to myself of what I anticipated, my wants and expectations. I look back at the year 2016 as if I were looking into the future. I see the reality of events as compared to my vision of expectations. The impact of how insignificant my influence is to the making of a giant vast of time slowly creeps into my soul. I am but a small drop of rain in a vast ocean of small drops of rain. But, in the micro boundaries of the small pool of water that is my personal life, my 1 drop of rain can be measured.

So, I sit here starring at the creation of 2017. Pondering what the year has in store. Am I wrong to desire to focus more on the small pool and no longer gaze across the vast ocean of reality? What is it that changes ones focus? Do we change focus as age creeps up? Are we distracted by our failed expectations of the past years? Or, do we just come to terms with the inherent revelation that time is nothing but a cosmic blink, in a infinite universe that cannot be measured.

364 days and hours from now, I will be sitting, coffee in hand, eyes fixed on a void of time, speculating what is to come and what impact it will have.

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