Watching for Spring

I sit among the cold darken throws of winter. I gaze out to the barren landscape of stripped trees. Their leaves fallen to the ground and covered by a fresh layer of snow. Crystals of ice floats in the air. The colors of the day are eye blinding white, with patches of gray and dark shadows. A void of mind exploding hues makes the soul wish for warmer times. Spring, though months away, still brings a vision within the mind of a more colorful surrounding. A time when all outdoors come alive with the vastness of an artist’s palette. Spying a lone butterfly and becoming mesmerized by the graceful movement of this Papillon as it floats between the majestic flowers of nature’s rainbow. Enthralled by the effortless movement of a simple creature floating through a kaleidoscope we call spring.

I gaze out into a cold wilderness, with visions of spring floating in my head.

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